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Wanted WTB moonshine spoon

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Contact Captains Cove 585-682-3316

2nd hand moonshines are hard to find, I would suggest the spending the long dollar for new ones in the colors jam suggested, I would add Ratchet Jaw mags and Green Shorts standards.


You're not recommending Bish's Bruiser? :lol:

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     I am looking for a few moonshine spoons. Hoping to find a few matching colors in the reg and mags. I would like to have at least 2-3 of each for when I loose one. Looking to get 3-4 diffrent colors to me get started.  


 A sponsor or 2 here sell them. Coldwater tackle is one I know that sells them. You're most likely going to have to buy new as used ones very rarely if ever show up here even if you have this site on speed dial as some of you here do! :lol:

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