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Penn Yan Predator thruhulls


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I'm planning a project of replacing several of the above water thruhulls on my boat. It's a 1987 288 Predator. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the sizes are for all the thruhulls so I might be able to order them ahead of time instead of stopping in the middle of the project to order parts.

2 deck scuppers

2 starboard midship

1 starboard rear (bilge)

3 port midship (one is bilge)

1 port rear (hatch scuppers)

Thanks, Andy

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We just measured ours today for replacement. Its quite easy to just hold a tape measure up to the fitting outside of the boat, you're looking for the inside diameter measurement. Our scuppers are 1-1/4", and the bilges are all 1". A/C is 1/2" and the sinks are 5/8". Our boat is a flybridge sportfisherman, but likely same for your predator. If your boat is a keeper, change over to Stainless and never do it again!

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Oh, I was already planning to do stainless.  I only want to raise the deck once.  I'm going to do any of the hoses that show enough wear too. 


Now you have me wondering about the sizes I was thinking for the scuppers and bilge thruhulls.  I've looked up scuppers online and what I've found is standard sizes are 1 1/2 and 2".  Bilge pumps I've looked up are 3/4 or 1 1/8 hose so I thought that would be the size for the thruhulls. Maybe I'm thinking about hose vs fitting size wrong.

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Broadhorizons - Make sure that the measurement is for the same dimension that is inside diameter vs, outside diameter. Sometimes places list one or the other without regard to specifying it.

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I got a response from TJ Amato from when I emailed him to see if he had any records.  He did not have any records but from memory, says:


Deck scuppers used 1.5" hose
Large (aft) Bilge pumps  used 1 1/8" hose
small (fwd ) Bilge used 3/4" hose
sink drains usually used 5/8" , sometimes 3/4 hose depending which drain assemblies we used

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