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If you haven't ran G-Fly's then you are missing the boat...BIG TIME!!

Have a ton of G-Fly's to sell in various color paterns. Bodies only.

Will sell for $2.00 each! I can't attach pics for some reason. Text for pics!

Act fast! Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Catch 22,


I showed my buddy this post and we decided to go together and order some flies from you.  He called you and you stated you had all colors available on G-FLY site so he put together and order list with fly name and number and sent along with payment.  Flies arrived stuffed in the envelope in the pic along with the sheet he had sent with the flies we desired.   The flies received did not match the order in some cases color wise or quantity wise and one doesn't even look a G-FLY.   He has called and left you a message several times and you have yet to return the call nor have you responded to my private message to you concerning this matter but I notice that you did read message.  


It would be nice if we could straighten this matter out.   I have purchased and sold several items on this site and never had a problem with any of those transactions or products.  Would like to resolve this matter on the flies.   Please call Randy back at the number I left you in the message or message me back so we can resolve this.


Thank you.



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It has been a week now since my buddy has called and left messages and still no response from you.  You have not answered my private message to you or even responded to the above posting.   HONEST people will attempt to remedy a problem and you on the other hand have made no effort.  Errors can happen and can be rectified but it is apparent that all you want is someones money and not deliver the product that you advertised.  In my book I call that type of behavior thieving.  One thing for certain we will not purchase any further items that you post for sale and hopefully no other people will be conned by you.  It's a damn shame that on on a sportsman's site that things like this would happen but it only goes to show that not everyone is here to better the reputation of a sportsman.

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