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Got out for a short solo trip today. I was on the water from 2:00-4:00, first hour was hot second hour was not. The first five passes in front of the mouth I got five browns then I couldn't get another bite. 4th and 5th fish was a double, boat control was a little difficult as it got a little windy. Temp was 37.5 and the creek is still muddy about a foot viz. Biggest brown was about 7 pounds but it was very short and fat. Boards took 4 and straight line got 1, all on thundersticks

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:yes:  on the solo trip!


A couple of our fish on Friday were coughing up gobies as we were bringing them over the transom in the net.  They are just stuffed full of gobies, and still eating.  Those BTs are like my Lab.


And yeah, there is some skinny water in the channel there, this weekend I'll have the out drive trimmed up a bit.

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