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Which graph for Lake O, 958 or 989

Trout Bum

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Ops, I meant 998 not 989 in the title line. Sorry, but I not know how to change the title line.


I have a new Lund coming in about 3-4 weeks and am in the process of making outfitting decisions.


Last year I used a Humminbird 958 Combo unit and was pleased with in exception of use in bright sunlight.


Bird now has the HD version out which has a much brighter screen.


I will be upgrading to either a 958c HD 0r 998c HD SI. 


Do any of you have any opinions on the use of side imaging for Lake O. fishing?



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I have the 958 c DI and love it.  The down imaging works great and details are very good. Don't have side imaging and don't realy care for it. The plotter or trac plotter is very accurate and easy to use. Very pleased with the 958



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Either will work. I don't think you'll get much use out of the side scan on Lake O, but if it's a lund and if you are using it for multi-species the side imaging might come in handy for Bass or Walleye.

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Does anyone have the side imaging and think its worth the extra $500 bills. I have 2 boats a troller and small water boat and am playnning on buying 1 unit to use in both. I fish for pretty much everything majority salmon however i am biting my lip and pocket book on the side imaging. I am between the lowrance elite 7x and the bird 898 with or without the SI.

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