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Well I went up to bayside marina in Fair Haven to check on camp and such. Looks like there is still some ice in the bay. Reports say 8 inches still around pleasant beach area. But I can see everything melting by next week. Im going to open my place next week I think.and I could see us all fishing in the next two weeks if you want to. I am noticing large flocks of geese returning and their V shape were pretty tight which usually indicates large flocks heading this way.


Get your gear ready people lol...Wont be long now..





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heading up april 8th hope its gone by then be hell to waste another trip sat their 3 days last year with 8 and 10 foot waves lasted longer than anyone could remember ...got cought up on bears and cigars though lmao

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I would like to think by then the ice is long gone. Wind and waves are always a crap shoot regardless of the timeframe but you should be fine. Our Winter was "typical" and "average" up here and April should be a valid target. The water levels are low but that really should not effect much around here.


Heres a link to NOAA weather I like to use. I plotted 2 NM out of Fair Haven Village because it really does give you a realistic shot of winds, waves and other data...



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You know what lol...we need a get pumped video lol.


Someone mentioned the 18th of April lol, turns out that was our first trip of last year.


We should be fine lol

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Well I would say if you can get out after this settles down fishin should be bang on. Its churning all along shore. All the ice is gone so have at it.


Nice cloudy color




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