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Duck seasons


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I have called the dec and responded to several surveys regarding the duck season dates to no avail. I don't know a waterfowler in NYS that agrees with the current duck and goose season dates. In my opinion the duck season should open in oct. and close at the end of Jan or maybe even into march. I agree with John 1947, the late season closes and then the birds show up. 3 week long late season is a joke. I am not sure why they ask for hunter input if they don't utilize the information.

I also believe the waterfowl zones are a joke. You cant convince me that these zones help control and manipulate waterfowl populations the way they are set up now. The state has created a goose hunting zone and season that you need to be a cartographer to understand where you are legal to kill geese. Ask some waterfowlers if goose season is open and you will get several different answers. Seems that hardly anybody knows when and where the season is open without a intense internet study and debate. This state is literally covered up with sky carp. The latest goose season (aka) spring season is crazy. During this season, I couldn't kill a goose around my house legally but could drive 5 miles and hunt geese legally. What is the rationale for that?

Very frustrating to hunt waterfowl in NYS to say the least.

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If I might add my two cents, even though I don't hunt in NY...  Yet.


The flip side to what squirrel is talking about is what happens with the PA Game Commission.  They will listen to just about anyone that opens their mouth.  Our duck seasons have been manipulated to the point that I shot a grand total of 8 birds last year.  Our inland season, which used to run until Jan, now ends just after Thanksgiving.  The zone that covers Lake Erie shuts down right after Christmas.  Unless you want to shoot woodies and butterballs you're out of luck.


Be smart about it, make sure the weather trend is in your favor.  Keep in mind we had two of the warmest winters in recent times the last two years.  What would happen if things got back to "normal" next year and you spent half your season starring at ice.  

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