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where to find impeller kit?


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I have a 1968 5 hp Johnson that I took the lower unit off yesterday. The impeller itself is fine but the key that holds it in place was sheared in half and a few of the gaskets were dry rot and dissolved. Any idea where I can buy a kit that would include the key and gaskets or where I could buy them individually?



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There is a site that specializes in older motors and parts. i think it was oliies board or something like that. i have the link at home and will post it when I get home tonight. I hope the link is still good as its been many years since i have visited.



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All the spare parts for johnson and Evinrude engines from 1957 and up are widely available at Johnson dealers and most marinas. If you are in Rochester,NY, your best connection would be Mayers Marina at the outlet of Irondeqoit Bay 
(webster side) because he specializes in Johnson Evinrude (and Chrysler and Bearcat) from between 1915 and 1980 and he will tell you exactly how to install.

 Pugsly also has everything you need.

If you want to buy online, it is   www.iBoats.com   you want to look at because not only do they have all the parts you need, they also have discussion forums with one that is dedicated exclusively to the repair and maintenance of johnson /Evinrude outboards. This forum has been up for close to 12 years now and has advanced search and condensing functions to help you navigate through tens of thousands of pages  dedicated to outboard maintenance  contributed by very fine (and some not so fine) outboard mechanics.

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