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Yankee in the ROC 3/30-3/31 - With a Fat One!

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March 30th - “The Shakedownâ€

Talk about being excited! First trip of the season, and we couldn’t ask for better conditions. There was a slight 2’ chop from the West. We rolled out of Sodus Point and headed for the waters off Hughes marina. We trolled it down past Pultneyville finding 40-41 degree water in 8-12’. Bites came in spurts, but we had no real fire drill.

We picked up and ran to Bear Creek and trolled between there and Ginna for the rest of the day. The water there was a bit warmer, and the fire drills began. Natural colored sticks 100-150’ behind planer boards were our top producers. A Stinger Sea Sick Waddler, and a Stingray UV Blue Tuxedo had our Cannons firing as well.


Some Shakedown shots:








March 31 - “Easter Sundayâ€

Our last day to “play†so we grabbed the ol’ man and went out for an Easter Sunday troll. We fished out of Rochester, and found 40-41 degree water, but nothing warmer. Some spots had green water, but there wasn’t much of it.

We set out our six board lines, two lines on our Cannon out and downs, and two split shot Stinger spoons off the corners. The naturals sticks took most of the shots off the boards. Rapala Black/Silver, Black/Gold, and Perch were the MVPs. The split shot spoons held their own too in  Yellow Tail and UV Black Tuxedo.

We had an eventful morning, but there was a troll direction and a small stretch of water holding the fish. Not many small Browns like we are used to seeing in the Spring. Everything has been of quality as you can see above in the pictures.


One of the Fattest BT I've seen:


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