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Top Ten items

Rich D

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I am doing a little poll, I would like to know your top ten items you would like to see in a tackle shop when you head to the lake. Thanks, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year, may the New Year bring us all more time on the lake and our fill of screaming drags.


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3/0 red octopus owner hooks for flies

50# segaur leader spool

blue dolphin chrome echip

green dolphin chrome echip

mirrage atomic fly

green hammer atomic fly

mtn dew chrome echip

great personality by the staff

helpfullness on whats happening on the lake

a green froggy savant spoon on a leader with 3 chartruse flies twinked Seaducktion special

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Things I have or have had a friend go looking for in a pinch.

Boat plug - various kinds - Cant wait till the marina opens- I want to fish now!!!

fuses for downriggers, etc.

leader material

snaps, swivels...quality kinds

latest "hot" spoon/fly that is being talked about.


wire line, copper, leadcore

downrigger balls

downrigger terminators

Blacks releases

sun glasses - polarized


sun screen

film, disposable camera

Thats about all I can remember at this time.


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Great list Nem'. Especially the boat plug. Never happened to me but I've had guys at the launch ask me if I had a spare. (Which I did, lucky for them)

Rich - you might want to add licences to the list. During derby time, you might want to add snacks or coffee. hmm...interesting promotional idea - offer a free coffee to derby card holders during the derby, if they buy card from you.

Tom B.


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I'd love to see a store that has:

1. Information on what's hot and a willingness to share that information.

2. All the hot spoon patterns out of that particular port. NOT some old dusty lures that were hot for one particular day back in 1997. A selection from more than one manufacturer would be nice....NK, Stinger, DW, R&R...

3. The hot flys out of that particular port. Sigg's Rigs, ATOMMIK, Action Fly...whatever it is.

4. A complete selection of flashers, dodgers, etc. from all the major manufacturers. Again, what's hot out of that port is of primary importance to me.

5. A complete selection of quality trolling rods & reels from the major manufacturers.

6. Electronics. GPS, Chartplotters, Fish Finders, Speed & temp probes.

7. Terminal tackle. Hooks, snaps, swivels...the good stuff...Gammy, SPRO, Sampo...

8. A complete selection of line.....mono, copper, wire, leadcore, fluoro...again, the good stuff that we use out on the lake.

9. Downriggers & accessories, Planer Boards, releases, replacement parts, etc.

10. Dipsy Divers in Black or clear. Snubbers in Black or clear. I won't buy cracked metallic purple frog glow-puke dipsys unless I'm desperate and have a can of flat black paint on hand.

11. Coffee, snacks, soda, ice.

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I think he only wanted 10, you listed 11, so I will reject your comment about the purple dipsies! They take fish!!! On some days they take more fish than black dipsies!

At least over here on this part of the lake! haha hahaabenaro---bless me!

I must be getting sick. :shock:


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Let me try and remember what I had to

hunt for last year.

1 batteries, large and small

2 good hooksharpener{this item will be complete post someday}

3 cutbait

4 large splitrings

5 light rubberbands

6 stackers that work [ as far as im concerned no decient ones out there ended up useing homeade ones]

7 fuses , all the different types

8 stainless steel screws

9 spray paint

10 oil , two stroke 0r four stroke

11 crimp on electrical terminals

12 Oh yea , purple dipseys and beer

13 block ice

14 boat trailer tires and tube patch kits

15 12v light bulbs

16 those cheap throw away styrofoam coolers

17 good, decient priced sunglasses

18 dry gas

19 propane

20 Why bother,Pegs, I want it back ,leisure suit, and neighbor spoons

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1 beer, 2 chips,3beer,4 beer,5beer,6 beer,7 beer,8 chips opps i already said that change that to BEER,9 beer ,10 beer .that should do it cant think of anytrhing else...............OH JOY

You devil you. :shock: :lol:

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My Top 10 list would be:

1. Friendly and knowledgable staff

2. Large selection of spoons from numerous manufacturers

3. Large selection of flashers, dodgers

4. Downrigger replacement & repair parts

5. All aspects of fishing line from mono to copper

6. Assortment of Great Lakes specific fishing rods & reels

7. Ability to renew my fishing license

8. Miscellaneous marine lubricants (motor oil, gear lube)

9. Equipment for being outdoors (sunscreen, hats, raingear, etc)

10. Gear for taking the kids bass or perch fishing when the lake is too rough to go out (worms, bobbers, floats, etc)

Basically, I like a One Stop Shop. Having the ability to run in and get everything you need for a day on the water and not have to run around to multiple places is key for me.

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You working at Gander now?

Do not forget the wire and not 300 foot wire spools, 1000ft.

1. Good selection of spoons; not the generic display of what is left over from the manufacturer with only two that work.

2. Same with flies

3. Same with flashers

4. Terminal tackle used on the great lakes and a variety from SAMPO to OPTI.

5. Line, how about some pink ande bulk, 250 yard spools do not work for me.

6. Reels You shoudl see the gander here, Plenty of CV 20s but nothing else usefull.

7. See #3 but with plugs, lyman, silver horde and j plug.

8. Trebles and octopus hooks in the sizes we use on the great lakes, not size 2,4,6,8 octopus, how about 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and in nickle, black nickle, red and green.

9. how about beads?

10. OF course, my favorite, KEEP it stocked, Gander here will order three black dipseys and well, for some reason that is not enough.

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