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BFuller spoons/species


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Heard good things about these spoons.  Looking to place an order but not sure about species/color.  My question is what are your 3 favorites for each species of browns, kings and lakers?  Thanks for you help!



Bob, it really depends on the area, depth, water clarity, light conditions, and time of year. On the east end of lake o, we run allot of goby patterns in the spring/early summer, with an alwife pattern in mid/late summer. My top 3 one day could be a different 3 the next depending on the conditions. I do know Labor day weekend last year, the KIng Of Sting was the hottest lure on the boat. And, it had been hot season before bazookajoe brought it on the boat last year, so thats defintiely one your gonna want for kings.

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 Browns have been chewing the smolt size Bob Barker, Hot potato, and Wicked Tuna UV. He has a bunch of goby colored spoons ( FL Goby, Heganator ect...). They are newer and I still need to put them through the paces.


Last season my go to-s  for kings were the Green King of Sting and the Orange one.....Mags.... Now there is a thing about color of the cups....On sunny days, the kings were chewing the Green cup KOS. On overcast they were chewing silver cups.

  Albino Frog mag was good

All this being said, Bob really came up with some excellent patterns..cyclops, Super Skank, ....


   The best thing about his spoons is they are durable as hell. Ive used other brands that catch fish without a doubt....but the paint chips off after a few hits. I would rather have to replace spoons because a big King cracked it off not because of a poor paint job.....Good luck and keep those hooks sharp.

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Thanks guys!  Just received an order from Bob and they look great.  Think I did well with picking up a few goby colors, Herganator and any with brown or orange for the browns.  I also picked up a few mags for salmon.  KOS, Albino Frog, etc.    Appreciate the help!

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