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Jerking lead??

Miss em

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I would say it is a technique for trolling flutter spoons with leadcore. You can hold the line in your hand and twitch it or twitch it with the rod. Good technique for copper line for lakers too. Also used a lot on the Finger Lakes and Lake George.

this technique gets used with streamers for landlock salmon a lot in lots of lakes in the northeast US.

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jerking core is an old try and true method for taking deep fish like lake trout, white fish and cisco(aka.. here otsego bass) in cooperstown ny. in a small boat like 10- 14 row style boat. you would let the lead out to desired color and two people would sit side by side in the back of the boat with there hands over the side holding onto the core line. you would jerk it forward then let the small spoon flutter back when the line got tight you would do this again and again. fish would hit the spoon on the fall back. once you hooked a fish you would try to keep tension on the line and pick up you core pole of the deck of the boat. core pole are about 4-5 foot long stout with a penn 209-309 reels or some would just wind it back on a spool no rod or reel. you still see the old timers on that lake jerkin core, come summer time when the lakers go off the bite they seem to do better then the rigger boats.

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