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Took the boys(my brother Roger and nephews Johnny and Devon) out fishing last Saturday to try our luck with the Browns.  Headed West in the dark and set up just as we left the launch at Mexico Point.  They don't have the docks in yet but we were still able to manage.  The wind was out of the north and the waves seemed about 2-3 feet.  We ran 8 lines off the planers and spoons off two of the riggers.  Things were slow in the 39 degree water until we hit 42 degrees about and then things got crazy.  We wound up going 21 for 28 manily browns in the 3-5 pound class and a couple of lakers.  Most of the hits came off the boards.  We were in 8-20 feet of water and the hot colors were white and firetiger. Speed was 2-2.5.  We pulled it before noon and left them biting.  I did hook into one BIG fish that took a firetiger rogue off the planer.  It dumped about 100 yards of line before snapping my ten pound test line.  Not sure how the new line snapped but the fish definately left us guessing.  Big brown? Spring King? Steelie? Whatever it was kicked my ass.  I had to go to basspro with my grandaughter on Sunday to restock.  Good luck guys they are definately hitting. post-143334-0-89716000-1365723302_thumb.jpgpost-143334-0-49362200-1365723318_thumb.jpgpost-143334-0-26482500-1365723338_thumb.jpgpost-143334-0-78946800-1365723368_thumb.jpg

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