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pencil sinker mold

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I tried to find a 1oz mold for six months to use for winter steelhead. I ended up finding a brand new one on ebay made by penn. It was pretty expensive. Ive made a few by drilling out aluminum blocks that were clamped together, with limited success. I have a 1oz mold and also have the do it mold that makes 1.25, 1.75, 2.5. Let me know if you want me to pour you a bunch, can't part with the mold however. We can work something out.

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Emty, I made a mold and it worked real well. I drilled plate AL with a 1/4" bit, 3" deep. I didn't use wire forms but rather latex tubing and a swivel for an attatchment point. Bought the latex tubing thru http://www.mcmaster.com/ product # 5234k972. I also bought #5234k72 for making black dipsey snubbers. I weighed the pencils on a powder scale and they were a few grains +/- of an ounce. The trick with making the mold is keeping the holes perfectly centered on the seam. A little off center and the pencils come out of the cavities harder. 2 of my cavities are a little troublesome, the other 5 they fall right out. If I made another one I would start out with a smaller bit and shim the 2 plates with washers to keep a small gap that would help guide the bit. Then remove the washers clamp tight and drill out to 1/4". This one works good enough though that I don't need to refine it.





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The molds I've made are similiar to the one MANIAC has shown. Its more work but much more satisfying when you use a sinker that you made the mold for. It seems like MANIAC has got you on the right track. The only problem I ever ran into was the bit binding from all the debri the bit pushes up. The idea of the spacers is great. Go slow and think ahead. I made one perfectly symectrical, then tried to make a cavity for the brass eyelets and ruined it.

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