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Trolling with a pontoon boat?


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Well seeing as it doesn't have a deep V I would think that it would probably end up on the bottom of the lake. The only reason the big boats can handle the water is because it displaces the water to the sides and are a lot deeper than a pontoon.

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Kuda, my uncle has a pontoon boat an they are ok to fish off of if you are still fishing,(perch,crappie,ect) but to troll they suck!! and forget about rough water, they simply can't handle the waves, they will capsize. I saw one almost sink 2 years ago out in the trench, he had his hands full to get in behind the break wall in Henderson harbor, the waves were breaking on the deck of the boat, it got ugly fast,other boats followed him in to break the waves and he followed in their wake, no way would that boat make it in on it's own, my hats off to those guys who wrapped things up to assist the pontoon boat.

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