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Finally got some time to get out on the lake!  Got a late start Saturday getting on the water around 1030.  It was pretty windy so we thought we would give it a shot close to the wall in case it got bad.  Tried heading west and couldn't get anything to fire.  Headed east towards Olcott and picked up a small brown and a nice coho.  Dropped the lines back in and picked up another coho - turned around to head west again with no luck.  We decided to make another turn and head east again and picked up a 10lb Laker.  All in for about 2 hours of fishing went 4-6 with black and gold F7 being the hot bait taking 4 hits and 3 fish. 


4/14 - Got an earlier start hitting the ramp around 8am.  Started heading east with the wind running only black and gold and black and white rapalas.  F7, J7, J9 and J11's - all took fish with black and gold being the front runner again today.  We ended up 13 for 18 - 1 steelhead, 3 coho's and 9 browns.  Biggest brown was 7lbs.  We fished 10-14ft of water with temp ranging from 38-41 degrees.  Ran all plugs at least 150 back with average speed around 2.75.  Didn't have the trolling plate on yet but plan on getting it on this week to slow down a little. 




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Nice fish! Hows the boat running for you? What happened to that nice trolling motor you got ? Going with a trolling plate instead? We didn't mount the winch on the trailer yet.

Motor is a little too short. Trying to sell this one and get a longer one. Boat ran great!

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