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Yankee Boyz out of the ROC 4/14

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April 14th - We weren’t sure what to expect since the wind has been howling from every direction over the last few days. As we worked on the boat Saturday we could hear the chatter from the few out, and took notice of the two Kings taken down East. Just the thought of a King was all it took for us to choose which direction we were headed. We set out 11 rods total. Six off the boards, two on our Cannon out downs, a pair of split shot spoons, and a chute flat-line. 

We set-up at the bay and went 1 for 2 on that stretch to Ship Builders. Once we got past that stretch it turned on! Chartreuse was the color of the day, and the Storm UV Thundersticks were great in the colored water. Another great program for us was a Stinger Glow Frog and a Dreamweaver Glow Frog ran 70’ back down 5’. It was a nice steady pick without any real fire drills. The wind got worse as the day progressed and we fished in some sloppy seas. 

We did notice a lot of skinny fish this weekend, and a good friend of mine reminded me of all the rain we just had. I think we took a lot of fish that were just dropping out of local streams. So enjoy the next pod of fish that are out there looking to bulk up!







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Thanks for the fishing report, as always, what worked, what color, and how it was used, thanks again Yankee Troller, right now there is more stuff for sale, than fishing reports, NICE to read a report, Getting the itch, bad, a little more electrical work and I'll be ready to tow her up the Black River Bay Camp Grounds for the year.

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