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Got an invite from Mike Dostie, Scott Baker and Mike Smith  to join a 2 boat crew over in Fairhaven this week. Arrived to 22mph winds from the west at 1pm. By 3pm it had died down some and we headed out.


Setup just outside the shoot headed east in 8-15 FOW. Ran mostly stick baits with a couple spoons mixed in.


Had 5 releases and boated 2 browns, the bigger around 5 lbs. With surface temps around 43-44 looks like the real fast bite hasn't started yet.



At about 8pm we headed back to the cabin. The sunset was very spectacular with the sun setting over the big O..


Back out this mornin, looks like fishable conditions for the next 3 days Atleast!

Will update as the week goes on.... 


Day 2 under way still slow. Need sun to warm water... Only 42 this mornin. 


More later...

Good news we found 47 deg water in front of the shoot, and this is what you get!


(9+ lb brown)

Video http://i739.photobucket.com/albums/xx38/reelax/IMG_1340_zps25696e29.mp4

10pm 7oz brown


10 lb laker


More later, still Fishin...

All Vermont boys present....



Blow day today. 22 to. 45 knt winds! Got out from 3 to 5 but couldn't stay out... Too nasty!

Tomorrow, 7-10 from north, hope to get in another full day....

rog f you have to wait a week it may pay off with better bite. 4 boats out today, only 2 browns, so far all fish look fresh from main lake, so they are just moving Into Fairhaven. Water is 2 ft lower than last year and still at 42 deg unless you work the 47 deg water in front Of the shoot in front of little sodus bay. 




Wind down to 10 out of north tomorrow, we plan on a whole day....

Today is looking better, still slow bite,but with good brownies...



Last one was double digit and did some tail walkin!!!!



More to come....

Another double digit hog...


And a landlocked salmon..


Still fishing...

Almost done for the day...


More tomorrow..

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Very well thought out post, nice pics, with nicely put wording, considering the weather conditions, wind sucks , when you wait all year for this week, weather is alright but the F'in wind blows to hard to even get out. Looks and sounds like you guys are making the best of it. Good luck and nice post fellows, keep us up on the rest of your trip.   PAP. from PA. 

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Not sure if you guys are checking this posting while fishing, but keep an eye on the sky as there is some bad weather heading your way.  Nice looking browns and atlantic.

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Not sure if you guys are checking this posting while fishing, but keep an eye on the sky as there is some bad weather heading your way. Nice looking browns and atlantic.

Thanks for the word Gill, we picked at 3pm when it picked up, had a long ride back into little sodus... Looks like the guts were over 50 by the time we landed..

Only 1 brown landed today, hardest 4 lb gush I ever worked for. Here is a video in the shoot....


May not get out tomorrow, so we ended up pulling out the white flag. Before we picked up:)


Fish on!!'

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wow, that is an awesome post! I cant wait to hit the Big O someday in my new to me Islander 221V! Wont make it this year, next year I am gearing up for it!

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Great post! Put my little 16 in at Hanks/ Port Bay on Tuesday solo. S wind kept me spinning around, dropped 2 on inlines couldn't get my boards out. Was hoping to fish Sat & Sun but weather seems to have other ideas so I'll get some farm projects out of the way and then I'll be ready to get on em next week.

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Kinda shows that man  can prevail over the weather (to a degree anyway) :)  neat post gets the rest of us motivated too. Thanks.

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