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Ontario Full House. Kings, Coho, Steelhead and Browns. Sandy – April 19th

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If we could have hooked an Atlantic I would have to call that the "Ontario Royal Flush", but we're saving that for the next trip...


A buddy of mine purchased a charter and invited myself and another buddy.   We’ve all been looking to run an April Brown Trout trip for a number of years and yesterday we were finally able to make that happen.  We had the opportunity to get out with Cpt. Lou Borrelli of “Get The Net†charters for what would turn out to be simply the best day of fishing any of the three of us have had in a very long time. 


My two friends and I met Cpt. Lou at the dock and we were heading out by 6:30AM.  Capt. Lou started setting up right out of the creek but he barely had time to finish setting his lines when the first hard strike came and my friend was fast into a nice brown.  While we were boating that Brown the 2nd line released and my other buddy was hog-tied to what would turn out to be one heck of a Spring King.  25 minutes and several monster runs later, and he landed a 12lb King.


We all took a moment to congratulate our friend on his King and refresh our coffee.  I lit a cigarette and was about to have another sip of coffee when the next line released and I got into a nice Brown.  After we landed that fish I checked my watch and it was around 7:30AM.  After that things got crazy.  Non-stop hits, doubles, triples, manic laughter and lots of great fighting fish.   Cpt. Lou did a fantastic job of keeping us on fish for the entire trip and just in general being a tremendous host. 

We ended up going 18 for 22 with 2 Kings, 1 Coho, 4 Steelhead and the remainder in Browns.  I was lucky enough to hook 3 of the 4 Steelies and wouldn't have traded those fights for anything.


Looking forward to getting out with “Get The Net†again in the near future.






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WOW, what a trip, sounds like you guys had a blast, I always wanted to take a charter trip on lake O' but time fly's buy and before you know it's fall and where did the season go. Glad you guy's pulled off, maybe the trip of a life time!!!

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