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Static Charge Build up on Logic 21' cc


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Dear M....H,

Your static problem is very interesting. Remember that your hull is made of blow molded polyethylene, the perfect non-conductive plastic resin. I visited the factory in North Carolina a few years ago. The external metal rigging was not bonded (grounded). Never thought that this could be a problem for a fresh water boat. Your complaint about "static shocks" really opened my eyes! Now this can be solved with a little effort. Take any railings (metal parts etc. and attach a copper grounding wire to each and rig it to a metal thru hull fitting so the static charge is dissipated to the water. Now this is difficult with the bilge design of a Logic Boat. But can be done with patience. I have seen this problem on fiberglass (polyester resin) boats when plastic rod holders are used with graphite rods....on a day with thunderstorms in the vicinity. When you hear snap, crackle, & pop in your rod holders.....I GET OFF THE WATER! Hope this is some help to you......Respectfully submitted, X-Jet Boat Bill & EXNYS too!

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