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Hey guys once again i am looking to expand on my spoon collection.

I was wonder what size of spoons is most common, something in the 3.75 ? or the mags 4.75??

i guess in a perferct world i would get each colour in both sizes but if i was to get just one size what would you recomend

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Part of your decision will be based on the time of season and particular species sought at that time. For general trout fishing in spring and early summer small to medium spoons are a safe bet. For salmon fishing especially in late summer and fall the larger spoons may be a good bet. In general in Spring 2-3 3/4 inch spoons are good Later late summer and fall if for salmon 3 1/2 - 5 1/2 are the range. Usually I try to match the approximate size of the sawbellies at a given point in time (smaller in spring then getting larger as the season progresses. In the spring for browns spoons at the smaller end run way back are usually more productive

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Last year it seemed bigger was better for me. I Matched the hatch. I used more regular spoons in early season as opposed to smaller stuff in the beginning as in years past. The mag sized through our the remainder of the year. Usually I start small and worked my way up but the bait was bigger last year and that dictated my spoon selection.

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