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Pline flouroclear


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Was just checking bass pro for the phone everyone seems to like. I noticed the flouroclear line. Anyone tested this out yet? Will most likely b picking up a 2000yd roll cause will have to fill 4 30a reels with something. Was thinking about going with ande and then pitting on 100 yards of fluorocarbon as a leader though. Which does everyone prefer? Spooling up entire spool with one line or backing with one and using a leader?

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I use 20 lb seagar invisx for rigger reels its expensive but well worth it last long sun doesn't affect it as much as other lines.

I fill my reels full from bottom to top no knots or leaders

As far as pline every experience iv had with it has been a bad one, break offs, knots popping. Personally I would never use it again

I'm sure other ppl have different opinions but this is mine, hope it helps u

Cheers JB

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I fell in love with P-Line while pike fishing i use it on tip ups and now all my rods.  take the time to wet the know and tighten carefully and the stuff is awesome suprisingly good abrasion resistence and good streangth.  I like to tie a 6 foot leader that way its easy to chage lb test and not need a whole new spool

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I like the Pline mono, 14lb test, on my rigger rods, and also use the same for leaders when I have to splice in 125' of 30lb big game for the fleas.  The stuff has always performed well, good knot strength, and tough.  I've had a few fish in the rigger cables and wires, and the stuff did not break. 


I just started running the Pline Flouro Clear, 20lb, this year on my dipsies and coppers.  We took some heavy hitting on our dipsies over the weekend, and so far so good. 


Check out this link, lab test of a variety of popular fishing lines.  It compares strength of line to the diameter, and ranks them from the strongest to the weakest.


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