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It never fails...every week before opener i cant sleep and when i do i dream about stick baits/trolling motors and eyes chasing me around.


I am pysched as usual, this winter seemed longer than normal.


I will be out @ 12:01 sat morning on chautauqua


Those of you nightowls...Hope you all have a productive and safe time out.



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haha.  I have been looking for the "can't wait" first opener post.  I am excited too, but I did a little scouting and I am nervous.  I know the fish are there but patterning them may be a little more work this year.


Good luck - tight lines...

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12:01 at Honeoye with my son tonight. I'm hopeful... last year I had two good keepers and one that got off at the last moment on the first day but the water temps are different this year so who knows? Its fun anyways. I'm also going after the trout early tomorrow morning on Canandaigua so it doesn't look like a whole lot of sleep tonight...especially if the walleye action is there. :)  Good luck fellas!

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