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Sandy Creek pen rearing project


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Just a update on on the Sandy Creek project. The Steelhead were released last night with the help of our project volunteers. A huge thanks to them! Without volunteers these projects simply would not exist. The water temperature in the creek reached 67.1 degrees and forced us to release them a week earlier then planned. Good news is they did hit their target weight and size for the 2 weeks they did spend with us. They were nothing short of vicious predators!

Due to cold water at the hatchery (which has hindered growth), the pen reared Chinooks have been behind schedule all season. The pen sites finally started recieving fish this week and Sandy was slated to recieve Chinooks today at 130 pm. Unfortunately, due to our high water temperature, we will not be able to pen rear our Chinook Salmon this year. The plan is they will remain at the hatchery for a couple more weeks (which will help growth) and then stocked at the public launch along with our direct stocked Chinooks.


Follow the project on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SandyCreekPenRearingProject


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