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I-Bay May 2nd, Forever Young

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Only made it out from 9am to noon and all we found was sun and crystal clear water, not a spot of color.  We trolled North from 15 to 75 fow without marking a fish, running sticks on the boards and two riggers.  Came back in (SE heading) to 20 fow in front of Shipbuilders and found some fish between 30 & 45, leveled out there westbound and tried everything we could think of (forgot the wire rods though) without moving a rod.


Beautiful day but we left with the fish mocking us...


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Today, the fishies swam west. Tomorrow, maybe they decide the eastern water looks like more fun to feed in. Or maybe they're there again....I know of no funner dilemna to be in.

I'm gonna fish in one place and let them come to me !

These are the good old days.


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That's like the twelfth totally honest fishing report I've ever seen LOL. Thanks a bunch for your candor....

We're very new and don't take things too seriously.  I've seen plenty of honest reports though and received tons of help, advice and hospitality from LOU members.  There's some great folks here... 

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