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Covered 40 fow to 250 fow.  Started shallow to keep them honest and found ice water out to 100 and it finally began to warm somewhat.  Ended up mainly working 190-230.  Mixed bag of big kings and lakers and a token brown trout as well.  Surface to 100 down took fish.  Highlight was a 23-1 king on the board that nearly caused us all to have a heart attack... ripped the free slider on the rigger and proceeded to aerially attack our Church boards with leadcores a total of 5 times clearing water!  She ended up tangling a slide diver and the 5 color core in the process after a lengthy battle it broke off the rigger rod only now be fought on the 5 color rod... as it got closer to the boat we realized that the slider was in the gill and wrapped around the mainline lure.  the mainline luire was then hook to hook with 5 color lure.... needless to say after about 40 minutes and many words that CANNOT be repeated on this board.... we got her to swim into the net and have video to show the end of the epic as well...


All in all a great day with friends and the fish cooperated... not fast and furious but rods snapping every half hour or so with good fish.   Back at it tomorrow!

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Way to go! Glad to hear you are on the board. We launched this morning but could not fish as my brother had to be off the water too early so wew just got the boat settled in the slip and worked on a few odds and ends. The boat ran great and we had a chance to tune some of my new electronics. First trip for me will be next weekend with my good buddy Anthony (Pike Hunter) and our pal Barry. Glad to hear the I-Bay basin is producing fish as I talked to a few other folks and it seemed to be slow.


As always, be safe and good luck on the water,



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What a great way to start off the fishing season with an epic battle!

I thought the warm water would be found within 8-10 fow. Thank you for the heads up.

Heres to a safe and productive Fishing season!

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