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Another beautiful day on the Big O... calm waters, sunshine and some cooperative fish.  Never dialed in a big king bite this morning, but had a nice mixed bag of lakers, steelhead, kings and another brown out deep like yesterday, nothing bigger than about 10 lbs,... Suffered from a number of short hits later in the morning on the junk lines and sliders as well...we'll never know what they were.  Best depth was 220-300 off the bay, from the surface to 110 down.  The target zone became mainly 40-50 down as the day wore on and the screen showed it as well. 


Riggers with sliders at 40/50 and 100ish, wire divers at 100 to 150 with spinnies (No see-um, mixed veggie), 5 and 10 color cores and top lines all took shots.  Bright day spoons became best after 9am, mixed veggies, silver/green glow, orange crush...


Good luck to everyone this week... hope to put one back on the board next weekend...

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Nice jobs Hans. I ran down towards braddock's this morning. We found some colored water in 140-225. Ended up doing 4 kings between 16-19 lbs. and a 8 lb brown for good measure. All spoon bite for us 30-55 ft down. Quit around 10 for some kid commitments.

Good fishing!


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Thank you for your generous tip which has certainly helped us yesterday on the water.


Within 20 FOW, the water was all gin clear and you could see the sandy bottom including some dead fish! At first I thought somebody lost their down rigger weights however they were just dead fish lying around.


From listening to your advice, we were able to land our first and only fish  when we first reached 280 FOW.


It was a feisty steelhead which had sucked in a green fire tiger bomber stick bait. As dumb as I am, the fish landed on my hand and the treble got stuck in my hand. Thank goodness it was only the first treble that got my hand foul hooked as it could have been a lot worse in case all three hooked my hand with the angry fish flopping around. My buddy went on to hold the fish to stop it from flopping to keep it from ripping my skin away. With little time left, I had to head back to watch my kid play all afternoon before I visited the ER to have the hook pulled out.


Barry said to me that I should have a club on board. I m not sure if I want to start clubbing fish after all.


Anyways, Hans - you da man! Thank you for your help on the water! :yes:


Best of luck with LOC!

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