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Selling all my lake gear! Take it all for $1500 (SOLD)

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SOLD! Thank you everyone..


Selling all my Lake gear that I acquired last year. Realized trolling is not my thing. Retail on this stuff new is well over $4000. Would like to sell this all in one lot to maybe someone just getting started. Asking $1500 for everything..Feel free to call or text me @ 315.885.0302


2 Cannon Mag 10A




Fish Hawk 840. Older but works (everything included, I just have to remove the rest from the boat)




Over 300 spoons, Michigan Stingers, NK, ect.. all in excellent most never seen water! Special Mate Spoon box included.


8712837880_ea5694d261_n.jpg8711710143_c42f64b1d3_n.jpg8712838006_63b0c539d6_n.jpg   8711710279_fa62dc4560_n.jpg8712838126_9a63db7279_n.jpg8711710423_2843c9e991_n.jpg8712838242_09b20c2c5d_n.jpg8711710569_d2eac13587_n.jpg8711710655_d7302a3735_n.jpg8712838454_cea9cf048f_n.jpg8711710763_cc056560c1_n.jpg8712838574_9bda7284d0_n.jpg8712838634_4edb5e6094_n.jpg8711710943_ec4395328b_n.jpg8712838774_6bea92176d_n.jpg8712838836_f9c4dfa8a9_n.jpg8711711119_5c625736d1_n.jpg8712838934_3edf074cfb_n.jpg8712838998_0ea8ecdcdb_n.jpg8712839050_d5ccdd46fa_n.jpg


100 flies some rigged.




26 J-plugs in some great patterns.




13 E-chip Flashers 8", 15 Spin Doctors, 14 Dodgers & flashers.




9 Dipsy Divers







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Holy crap, I don't think I ever saw sooooo  many spoons in one place owned by 1 person. If you decide to split it up, I would like the LAKER stuff!!!Please pm me when you decide to do it, I hope for you sake that it sells all in one shot, but if it doesn't, let's talk. PAP.

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