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first trip of the year started trolling for browns in 8-20 ft. at daybreak with stickbaits after 3 hours only had 1 hit .that fish was a 3 1/2 lb. brown.picked up and headed out to 125 and trolled straight out.when we got to 240 got our first hit it grabed a 10 color with a carmel dolphin stinger.it ripped out 100 feet of line before pulling the hook.one hour later a 150 wire line dipsey with a white green dot flasher and a little boy blue flie fired.it was a 20 lb king.a hour and a half later we picked up a 8 lb.laker.then nothing till dusk and we had a triple only landing 2 nice kings.they were right around 20 lbs.day 2 we started for kings in the deep water again trolled for hours with out a bite then landed a 20 lb king.4 lakers a 15 in brown.went 2 more hours with out a hit then hit 3 more kings with in a half hour.in two days marked no bait and very few fish.it seemed like every time we marked a fish or two a rod fired.

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