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tough fishing this weekend -trolled the bay from the A-frame to Scriba with nada for hits and no bait any where , went to 150' on sunday ,marked and caught 3 browns 6-8 lbs. at 100'

down ,it can only get better

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I agree, fished hard all day Saturday and a half day Sunday.  Saturday managed one decent laker while setting up, thought it was going to be a good day. Had one more knock off an hour later, that was it for the next 5 hours.  Fished from 50fow to 135fow with only one fish.  Sunday switched it up a bit and started in tighter.  Hit one nice "football" brown around 10lbs but didn't touch another rod the rest of the morning.  Fish came in 90fow water 45 down.  Had some decent screens out in front of the plant, but couldn't get anything going.  Guys were doing well with the lakers, but the brown/salmon bite was slow. 

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