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Took my brother and 2 of my buddys up for a weekend of fishing the Niagara bar. Fished Friday Saturday and Sunday. Good green water.Worked 100-300 fow just East of the Red can. Also worked the edge 55-230.  Friday was slow they made us work hard for em but we managed a few screamers. Saturday was crazy with multipal doubles and some nice spring kings hitting the net! We could not break 22 lbs but we tried. did 12 Kings Saturday before 11am after that it slowed a bit but we took a few more. all 19-22lbs. A couple cohos and one or two lakers. Sunday was hot out the shoot! we doubled up right away with a pair of 20 and change kings on the wires. Riggers were taking there share on stingers blk/green/silver. Pro-troll's and fly's were the ticket most of the time. 265 and 285 on the wires. Riggers were parked between 50 and 120 Great weekend with some great friends. Got to spend some time with Mr.breeze and the boys as well. Added a few pics from the trip.post-139830-0-98884100-1367879873_thumb.jpgpost-139830-0-83306800-1367879892_thumb.jpgpost-139830-0-80248500-1367879903_thumb.jpgpost-139830-0-20703200-1367879917_thumb.jpg

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