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Kooter/Haywire/Oak/May 4th, 5th/Awesome weekend

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            Worked all week after work to get the Haywire ready for derby fishing, repair floor, new board to mount the riggers on and it turned into way more work than i ever imagined. But got allot of things fixed that needed attention. Mikee got the hull waxed up so good she looks like a way newer boat and Matt got all the new vinyl graphics made up. So Saturday morning Beers, Matt, and myself headed her out of the shoots at 6:00 am and setup in 80 ft of water where we marked all those fish last week but didnt see much. Got a throw back Brown on the Crabface and slipped out deeper and marked alot of suspended fish. I threw half of the boat at them and tried changing speed, direction, everything :headbang: . So said the heck with it and sent some stuff to the bottom for the submarines we were marking all the way along. Immediatly the lines were screaming. We learned alot from the Captain of Legacy last month at the LOTSA meeting. Which i am now a member. So after landing a bunch of slot sized Lakers and releasing them are Spin Doctor/Atomic Fly gets :punch: . Fish immediatly started pulling drag and Beers was up to bat, Matt had the wheel and i cleared a rod or two out of the way and we all just enjoyed the long fight that entailed. We were happy just to be catching fish and never figured on what we were about to net. As the beast approached the back of the boat i heard Beers say HOLY **** its huge :o. I seen it and told myself dont screw this up. Netted Beers Biggest Fish Ever 26.05 lbs laker. We went nuts, high fives, yelling and a mad rush to Captains Cove. What a awesome day for a awesome crew of guys. Jeffs fish was in first place for Lakers but yesterday it got bumped to second. Non the less are goal has been just to get a fish on the board that sticks. So we are hoping. After a trip to the Black North for lunch we headed her back to the barn for some celebritory :beer: . Im very lucky to have amazing friends and a awesome wife that help me fish the BIG O


              Sunday we did a bunch more slot lakers and got a nice steelie. For the weekend we ended up 13 for 17. Best weekend of fishing we have ever had. We been fishing out there four years now and its just getting funner and funner. Good luck to everyone fishing the Spring LOC 2013.



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