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Apple Boy 5/5/13 Sodus

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Went down Saturday afternoon after SATs with Connor and some friends to get apple boy ready for Sunday morning. We Spooled up a 300ft copper on a convector 55. Got all of our rods ready for the next morning.

Sunday we met at 6am. Today we were looking for that loc fish with Rich and myself in the adult section and Connor in the youth. As we came out of the shoot we were wondering if we should work inside waters or head out. We saw zero boats in for browns so we knew not fishing Saturday our Best bet was to head out.

We set down in 50 feet and started I set two riggers. One right on the bottom with a silver and yellow nk and on the 25ft rigger with a sea sick waddler. While Connor was setting these up I was getting the boards out. On one side we had a 8 color lead core, pulling a uv tuxedo and then a flat like 90 back with a smith wick. Then Connor set out the dipsys With one pulling a chrome board green dots hypnotist fly and the other a white board greet dots ultra green glow fly. We kept the boat headed northwest and we worked out to 250ft and worked back in forth from 250 to 100 working west. By 9:30 we were 0 and 1. We through out the 300ft copper on the other board with a wonder bread board and fly. We decidin to go work the waypoints from our previous weekend.

We headed into te waypoints heading due south. As we got to 150feet things heated up. We head a 7lb laker on the rigger following the bottom. We have had several fish on the dipsy and rigger an then the 300foot copper starts going. I get the rod and then the rigger goes again. Doubled up! Rich grabbed the rigger and I handed the copper off to Connor 😜 Rich brought his 8lb laker in and Connor was still reeling. Few minute later there was a 14lb laker in the net. We all made the desicion to keep fishing and find a bigger one. Few minutes later the 8 color lead core takes a hit. I got that rod and fought this fish. We then doubled up again! The rigger rod just bent down to the water and didn't let up! Connor was on a decent size fish. I or mine in and netted it and Connor don't gain any line yet. I got the 8 color back out and on the board . Connor fought this fish for 30 minutes! He did awesome! We fished untill 2 and went 9 for 11. Went to warrens and the official wieght was 18lb 10oz which puts Connor in the lead for the lake trout division!!

It was a great day out on apple boy ! Connor did a great job with everything and it was an awesome day with rich and Connor. Check out www.loc.org and Connor on the front page!!

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