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Seneca Seneca 5/10

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had a fantastic morning on Seneca fishing out of Dan's boat.  We fished from just before 6 to 11:30 and went 28 for 31, one short brown and a beautiful 7lb rainbow, rest were lakers with one pushing 10lbs, and a dozen in the 6-8lb class.  We fished the north end started out in the shallows with nothing happening moved out deep and it was game on.  We were actually getting streakers on the screen off bottom and watching them hit the riggers!!  you could almost call it!  fish came on riggers parked between 85-115 with white sd/white flys.  had a few on the 400 copper with same sd/fly set.  Very few fish on spoons.  No bait what so ever, water temp went from 54.9 to 53.4 with the south wind blowing.  Wish we could of stayed all day!

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We found the exact same thing. We caught a lot of fish three over 8lbs, awesome morning. Green hitechs and finger lakes spoons were on fire. 85-100 feet down over 120 was the sweet spot. Fished the north end, west side. Marked a lot of fish in shallow but couldn't get anything to hit in there. Moved out deep and it was on.



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