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Fished out of Catfish Creek. 


Wednesday evening was 5 for 6 with a mixed bag of browns,kings and lakers.  Had 2 browns 8 and 14lbs. Also, 2 kings 18-20lbs and a laker.  Didn't read much fish or bait and our hits were spread out between 60' and 140' of water.


Thursday woke up to a relentless west wind.  Fished from Catfish Creek to the Power Plant in 20-30' of water with no luck.  Birds were working sporadically in the morning around the high rocks.   Got out to 60' just west of the stack and had better luck going 6 for 7, with five lakers and one brown.  Fish were all caught on lead core , 8-10 colors on spoons.


Thursday evening was very difficult to fish with 20+ mph winds.  Ended up losing a cookie cutter at the back of the boat just before dark over 55' water.


Friday morning was beautiful.  Started out in 20' water just outside Catfish. Landed 1 brown about 3 lbs before I could get third rod down.  Fished west to the power plant and nothing.  Fished in 60' water just west of stack and finished up the morning 8 for 9.  (6 browns, 3-10lbs, 1 rainbow 4lbs, and 1 laker).


Most fish were taken on lead and dipsys.  Riggers were slow.  Tried various stingers but most fish were taken on the Stingray or Magnum sized spoons.  Natural Born Killer and the Die Hard out produced all other color patterns.  Lead 8 to 10 colors over 55-60' was best.   

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