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Well, launched solo at the river:



Cleared the Pierheads at exactly 5 am & headed west.  River temp 60.5F but went down fairly quickly.  All kinds of small things swirling on the surface as I took off.  (I’ve never seen so much activity)  Put in at 85 off Russell & headed out.  Real calm out there today.  Weatherman said a SE wind but I didn’t see it.


Now here’s a sunrise!


Clean screen for most of the trip.  A few jumping here & there.  Crossed a couple thermal patches where temp dropped ½ degree.  Surface generally ranged  49.5 to 48.2F.  Temp down 50 was 45.  This guy hit a NK Wonderbread down 55 at about 130FOW:  I’m guessing in the 10 Lb range. (30â€)



Basically worked out to 200 & back in a couple times.  On one of the shore-ward legs spotted this.  All my years on the lake & I’ve never seen that:


It’s a rainbow off a front, but wasn’t raining. (Just crossed a thermal patch)


Picked up 2 more kings but smaller.  Same lure down 55 for all.  Funny, deeper I went, smaller they got.  Had one hook up on the planner board.  Goofy-est looking Stlhd I’ve ever seen:


Looked like he bashed his head on someone’s prop.


All fish were caught 130-150FOW, going a little faster than usual.  Generally 2 ¾ downspeed. 


Wind came up around 9:30 out of the NE so pulled them in shortly after & headed in.  4 out of 4, flying solo – Not bad in my book.  Out by 11:30.  Private dredge digging out some of the river in front of CG station. Sure seems strange with the turnbridge out of there. 8 trailers in the lot.


Luck to all,


Tom B.




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