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Umbrella rigs

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Umbrellas are much better used in salt water where they originated. I don't think I'd care too much about catching a big chinook on one ...would be pretty clumsy (if you got him in). I haven't tried them for many years for trout (lake trout) but in the past they weren't nearly as effective as Seth Green rigs or wire. They can be set up a variety of ways but the usual ways are either to put on 4 attractors on the outside connectors and an "active" hooked lure slightly behind them in the center one or to have five active "hooked" lures with the center one usually just behind the other four. The problem with the latter approach is that if a large fish hits one of the outside lures the umbrella "tips" and the other lures (depending on how they are set up and what they are) may get tangled and actually help the fish to get off. If you use very active lures on them you may only want to run just that rig because with multiple lines like dipseys etc. it can easily get tangled in the umbrella or vice versa.

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Personally, I'd give it a shot. Especially the next day you're out there and there isn't a single rod moving and your losing your mind.

I frequently try some off the wall ideas when things are slow. One day we couldn't buy a fish (after 2 killer days) and I rigged up some of those huge saltwater squid behind a Pro-Troll. Got a few releases, changed the leader length, then boated a 12lb right behind a 14lb Steelhead off it.

Maybe on the right day you could get it to go.


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