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Seneca die off

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Was at the marina today at the south end, and saw quite a few dead fish on the bottom...lots of really big perch...like the ones we are always trying to catch, and a few bass and trout  in the 12 inch range.  I saw 15 or 20  fish right around my dock in about 5 feet of 


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I think O2 levels is more plausible - freshwater fish are very adaptable to changes in water temp (unlike salt water varieties or aquarium fish). Also I wonder if spawning fish might be more vulnerable to things at that time compared to the rest of their life cycle.  That aside I also wonder about the possibility of contaminants in the water table and underlyng aquifers that could affect multiple lakes at the same time.....(like natural gas leakage from vertical or horizontal drill ing. There are many gas wells right near the lakes.....or even increased salinity levels from vacated salt mines....

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