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I sold the family on buying a boat telling that we would get out and use it together.  Up to this point I have been successful in keeping it a fishing boat.  my time is slowly running out.  anyone have any good day trips that they have done.  i am out of Rochester and looking to head east or west, but not sure of any good ports to stop at.

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Fish - For a family day trip out of Rochester, I would definitely recomend heading west.  The trip to Sodus is really nice but always think of the weather.  My reasoning is this:  Assuming you'd be starting your trip in the morning - The prevailing winds are out of the west.  They will be strongest in the mid/late afternoon.  The trip home will be with the waves which is always a smoother ride.  Family, especially the young ones may not enjoy a rough ride especially if they're tired.


On the other hand if you were to drive to Sodus & launch, then by all means head toward Rochester. 


You might want to scout out some maps & find a nice beach on you trip.  Kids always like pulling in and going for a swim.


Tom B.


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