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Three Rods

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I just received a letter from Catharine Young - Senator 57th District. She is in favor of law S.4195 which would make the three rods permanent. She says that the three rods expired in March this year? 

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It expires in December of this year.  http://open.nysenate.gov/legislation/api/1.0/html/bill/S4195-2013


Capt. Larry D. Jones


It's reallly confusing when reading through this bill.  The original expiration date in the 2nd half of the document, from the original bill, is December 31, 2013, but it's crossed off.  In the first half of the document, the new bill eliminating the expiration date of 12/31/13, lists a new expiration date of March 31, 2013.


What does that all mean? 


Is there a lawyer in the house?

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the way I read that is, the strike trough text in the brackets [ ],  is the portion of the original bill they are seeking to eliminate with the current one.



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Yes,  The bill seeks to eliminate the date & make it permnent.  The 3/31/13 is probably when the bill went to the typist.


Tom B.


Tom, I'm sure you're right, but could it be a typo?  We all know these people have screwed up a lot of really important stuff in the past.


This is copied right out of the document.   


JUSTIFICATION:  The original legislation (Chapter 455, L. 2011)

expires on 3/31/13.


The original legislation expires 12/31/13.



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