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I finally got to splash the Stand & Deliver on Sunday. My daughter Amanda, her boyfriend Dan, and our friend Robert came along and we pulled out of the port at 7:30 am. We were greeted with 3 footers in the pierheads before even getting to the lake. Stiff northwest wind had the lake a little angry, but we managed to run straight into the 3 to 5 waves without getting too wet and after hitting 300 fow, the waves settled a bit and headed west toward the bar. Never made it to the bar when there was a distict color change in the water and decided to start fishing about 5 miles from the red can, and trolled southeast with the wind to set up. Not long after we hit 190 fow we began to pick away at kings but the fish had better odds than we did for the morning as they would come unbuttoned after some good fights with two getting off right at the boat. 9 hits and no fish in the boat was frustrating, but after we hit the afternoon hours the lake settled down with wind switching to the west and calming a bit, we were able to finally put 5 nice kings in the box ranging 12 lbs up to 18. We ran just 6 rods and that gave s steady action on fish in the morning at 60 to 70 feet down on everything we put out. Riggers with spoons in green and seasick waddler along with a 300 copper flasher hawg wild fly combo then a green crinkle fly after the hawg got fubarred by an angry king. The wire divers were collecting kings hits with regularity on flasher flys in green. Diver settings on .5 out 180 were good in the morning. As afternoon came on the fish went deeper to 110 120 and a readjustment to the riggers to those depths instantly produced our biggest fish of the day, divers now put out at 315 gave Amanda a screaming run out to nearly 700 feet before stopping to bulldog all the way to the boat for 30 minutes. She did a great job all on her own with this stubborn fish that stayed 300 feet away for a long time with a give and take battle of line. Finally in the boat was the biggest of the day king for Amanda. We stayed in that general area about midway between port and the bar and took 5 fish to the boat out of 15 hits in 170 to 190 fow for a steady pick all day.

The boat ran well except for a couple of minor annoyances, the ez steer wouldn't lock in position on the kicker. Couldn't steer with it so used the 225 to troll with most of the day. And the Windows in the Scotty riggers need polishing to see through them. Other than that, all good.




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About time Driver...


Been waiting to read something besides a log book for the past 6 mos. Getting the daughter on a good tug had to put some smiles on.


Keep it safe Mark, see you from the land the sun sets.  

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Thanks Stan! Your right about the log book. I like line 1 the best these days, specialy when fishin with family and friends

And no roads to follow! Good to hear from ya Stan,..from the land the sun rises first, my truckin brother!


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