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Yankee's May 26th @ Wilson

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We weren't planning on running any trips this weekend, but we made an exception, and boy are we glad we did! We met this nice family from Colorado, and they had been on numerous charters all over the US. Most of those taking place in saltwater. These charters have gone so bad for them that they didn't bother bringing a cooler for any fish to take home!


We left the dock around 5:30 and headed out to a lumpy Lake Ontario. We set down in 130’ pointed her North into the waves and set rods. Fish were coming fast, but given the rough waters holding onto them was a challenge. A nice mix of King Salmon and Coho Salmon. Our big guy of the day hit a 400 copper pulling a Green Smartfish/A-TOM-MIK Green Crinkle. I believe each person on the trip took two turns bringing that fish to the boat. Other good lures today was the Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddler down 60’, and the new Dreamweaver DUV Lemon Ice SS on a free slider. 


We worked the waters right out front from 150-300 on N/S trolls. Lady O picked up as the day went on, but we were fortunate enough to get our limit early and be back for lunch so we didn't get pounded any more.

Needless to say, these guys had to go into town and look for a cooler so they could bring their catch back home with them! 



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Always a tough call to make in the morning.  Risk people getting sick and bumped around or cancel and leave people disappointed.  Looks like you made the right call that morning.  Its all about putting people on fish and smiles on their faces and that picture says it all. 

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Great job Rick, I know all to well about jetting skunked in the ocean, never again!!! out there your just a number if you don't get anything it sucks to be you, that's their attitude where charter captains on the great lakes care about their clients!! We went to western lake Erie and took a charter the first day we were out and killed the walleye, back in at 11am with a 6 man ticket, learned a ton of info, and the next few days took our own boats out and did rather well. I would recommend taking a charter just for the knowledge of the area and what type of presentation is working, it's worth every penny!! I'm sure you put a different thought in those folks mind about fishing the BigO verses the salt water!! Well done PAP

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Great job Rick!, we saw you out there later in the afternoon. You circled around behind us as we were picking up for the day. We had a fun day out there and looks like your program was exactly the same as ours! We got bounced around pretty good until that wind switched to west. My daughters knees have bruises from bracing against the transom live well. My knee caps are much looser now as well from the bolstering pads..LOL.! Same as you on the fish coming unbuttoned with that rough water, we had 9 fish in a row slip away before the net could have them. .


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I tried reaching you on Channel 16 Skipper. I saw  you and was curious if you were doing them. We fished every afternoon this weekend, and it was decent. Sunday morning was a slaughter! 


We were next to you in about 145-155 fow right out in front of the Wilson chute yesterday, or at least it sure looked like you.

We spent Sunday night at the Lakeview Motel, and left the launch about 6:00.

We intially sat down in 65 fow or so, and took a look, and actually had some decent marks, but decided to head out a bit farther.

Sat down again in 130 and had about the same screen, and worked that area out to 200.

We had a blast!!! Great fishing!!!

UV plate pulling a frog glow spoon at 80 down took the most hits, as did a frog glow SD/glow hammer off the boards with our lead/snap weight set-up, at about 80 down.

King of Sting took the largest of the day........17 lbs.

Jensen Shoehorn Green UV took 2 beautiful coho.

Only spoon that we ran that took 0 hits was a Green Dolphin.

We took fish at 50 and 65 from the same UV plate, pulling a UV Green Glow fly.

I want to move out there..........lol.


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