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Memorial Day Fishing - Rochester

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We had a good day of fishing on Memorial Day with 4 for 7 score  including a Small king, coho, laker and steelhead.


We started out a bit late at 6 a.m. and headed out in front of I-Bay with the following set up:


Set up trolling with 2 riggers - spin doc and hammer fly on 90' and spoons (NK Carmel Dolphin and Stinger) with cheater on 60' 

Wire with paddle and fly out 240'

2 stick baits flat lining off the otter board'

We started trolling in front of Ibay 80' FOW and there was no action on the screen as we trolled all the way west. The rods did not move for about 2 hours. The surface temp was cold at 49 degrees and it warmed up as we headed toward west. It was 51 degrees on the surface and that was when the best screen action started as this is just west of Russell in 110 and 130' FOW. 


North of us, there were about 5 big boats sweeping the area. While I dont fish in the pack,  I could see where the action is with flurry of charter boats trolling around in one location.


The NW chop has quieted down after around 11 a.m.


The highlight was when we had a triple hook up with my buddy fighting two fish on his pole. A Laker took the fixed spoon and the coho took the spoon off the cheater set up. The third fish was peeling off with the spin doc fly set up in its jaw.  The screamer took off and I came up empty.


Three hits on the wire diver set up.  Lost 2. The stick baits did not take any fish.


If I had to do it again, I would just go straight to Russel area and start fishing there.


There is nothing like a  grilled steel head for the Memorial Day BBQ!.


Tight lines.



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Great report buddy!


I can see the boat wakes now, with the armada all heading to Russell next weekend.


Nothing like a double on the same rod!!


Good luck and be safe,



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Thanks fellas.


Maybe, it was my secret plan to send everybody over to the west side while leaving the east free of any fishermen!


We should all know this by now: the NW winds make most of the fish stay on the west side.

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Nicely done Pike Hunter!  We were out on the east side of I-bay and only took a little 3 lb brown. We did go over to the Genesee River but trolled east following a decent temp break with no action. So close, but yet so far away! 

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