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p -ville with set-n-ready.

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  I have been out of  i bay   for  the last   few  trips  but  finnaly  was  able to get out in p-ville.   

reports  haven't  been showing much  for  bait  and  marks.   but  we had  a 6 hour afternoon trip.  


Left port  and set  up in  80fow   getting things  ready  and working  a  north troll to see what  we had  out there.  marked  a few  fish 80-100 down and  a few lakers  around between 100-140.  So  decided to see if  any kings  wanted to bite for the  first couple hrs   had   spinnys out with ito flies and   some b-fuller spoons   kos and kos with orange dot and  a ssw out  between riggers and copper.   and had a  few surface lines  out for steelies. 


well screen  wasn't  showing  much promising out to 180 and some storms  were rolling in over deeper water.  So  i decided to pull back to the fish i was seeing and sent  divers  out 300  and riggers  down deep  with a large paddle and ito mirage fly  and one  green hammerhead bell.     


kos  took a  shot  got  of  pretty quick.     bells took a couple lakers.   paddle  with fly  took a few more lakers and hit again and  had a screamer!  finally!  got  him in 20lber.  and     kos took another shot  shaker king.   surface lures  lit  up for about an hr  or so between fish with 4 steelies .    after 6 hrs  we pulled  lines and came  in.


definitely  not a ton of kings  around yet but there are a few fish around  going  to have to work for them though!  


marked  a lot of bait balls so they should  be  coming our  way  soon enough!  



capt  Joe 


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Joe....thanks for the great report.  I assume this was yesterday 5/29.  Glad to know you found a king in there, as that seems to be missing from my three trips this season.  I gots my lakers, coho, steelie and brown....but have lost the one king we did manage to get into on the diver.  I am hoping to head out on a short trip this evening or for a few hours tomorrow morning and Saturday morning!  Maybe see you around! 


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