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Sandy - 5/31/13 - A.M. trip

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After a frustrating spring getting the boat in order, I finally made my maiden voyage to the Big O this morning with a co-worker. 


We primarily ran 2 wire/dipsey/fly combos, 2 rigger rods with spoons, and 1 lead core down the chute. After a swing and a miss pretty much right off the bat, we trolled for about 1 1/2hrs without a twitch of the rods. We set up in  80 FOW and worked out to about 150'.  I then decided to go back to where we had the 1st hit in about 85 FOW. Sure enough (duh) thats where we started to pick fish.


We went 7 for 9 with 6 Lakers and 1 Coho. Not really what I wanted to catch, but fish and fun nonetheless.The hot set-up was wire out 220 on #3 setting with a white w/green dot & black halo SD (sorry idk name) and a white mirage fly. It took 5 of the LT. The coho took a 42nd spoon down 40'.


All the fish came from 80-90 FOW. Marked a fair amount around 40-50' but could not get those fish to hit the riggers. Stayed mainly from mouth to pumphouse area. Surface speed was 2.4-2.7 when catching the fish. 


All and all a good morning. Started about 6:30am off at 11:30am. It was TOASTY out there. No wind to speak of, nor barely a ripple.


Good luck too all this weekend!








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Might want to consider mixing up the Flasher fly and spoon so that you don't only have spoons on the rigger vice versa. Often times the two riggers help each other out and having a flasher on the one rigger will attract fish that will later decide to smack the other riggers spoon. Good job for your first trip!!

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