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Pike and Blades/Spoons


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Ok I know I just posted like 20 minutes ago but I'm back again. I used some Dardevle Spoons this summer for pike. I tried on weed beds, shallow areas known to be laiden with perch and some other areas I have caught pike in before. But I failed to produce any pike with the 5 different types of spoons I have. I just figured I would give them a try this past summer. I did catch some off of X-Raps though. Could you guys give me some tips on using spoons for pike, bass and walleye? Thanks again guys

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If you got them on Xraps and not spoons, it was probally retrieval speed. Daredevils need to be retrieved at a faster retrieve to keep them out of the weeds. I would never give up on the daredevils.

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I've found that it's as much in the presentation, as it is the lure type. Spring pike are sluggish, and prefer a slow steady retrieval. As the water warms, I'll start twitching the lure a lot more, and by dead Summer into fall I'm in heavy twitch to rip retrieval mode for pike. Also, If I'm not removing weeds from my hook at least 1/3 of my casts, I'm not fishing close enough to the weeds.

Non active pike lay near the bottom in weed beds, but they have a hard time laying off an injured bait fish swimming above them. They won't leave unless it's a guaranteed free meal.....so jerk and twitch that spoon/lure and you'll entice more strikes.

Caught this one on the lake last spring on a glow frog spoon (nk28 I believe) My favorite pike lure though is a white or black rubber worm or twister tail on a black/red or white/red bucktail.


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