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Cayuga 7th Annual Cayuga Lou-All

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Team Iron Duke is in !!!!  Seneca Boys are coming to visit....  Guess I will have to break out my small spoons and ultra light equipment for over there...   :lol: ... Just pickin sounds great !!   We are looking forward to it......



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     The basic rules are::::

Weigh in 1 man's legal limit

All NYS DEC rules and regulations apply

Start at daybreak end at 1:00 pm   weigh in at 1:15 at Bear's in Myers.

Voluntary $10 donation to be put in the cup.

Winning boat takes Cup and Cash

Keep cup until next year and try to defend.



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Hi Scott,


            Sorry I can't make it this year, have to go for an opperation in the next week or so. I don't think I'll be ready to fish by then. 


            Good luck to all that fish it.        Mike.

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Mike there is room for 2 boats at the transiant dock. That's it! Most guys launch there for the tournament and jut them back on the trailer before weigh in. I used to put my boat back in the lift and drive over. Unfortunately I'm out again this year.


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