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June 13th a new guy


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Hey guys here it is my big trip is coming up. I am staying in three mile bay for 4 days June 13th to the 16th and fishing small mouths on Saturday and Sunday (that technique I’ve got down pat). However Thursday and Friday I have my sites on the trench between Main Duck and Galloo Island.I have an 18 foot Sylvan Aluminum with a 90HP Honda four stroke (great boat). I am setup with 2 rods with lead core and at least 2 rods for the 2 downriggers I have. I have 2 fish finders as well including a GARMIN GPSMAP 546S  which is also a chart plotter. I have caught Salmon at Sebago Lake in Maine but it wasn’t easy (put in a great deal of time). I will be targeting Salmon, Browns or Lakers. Not really picky but would like to get on the fish somehow. I have been reading your reports for over 2 months now and have gotten some great information. I have flashers and atomik flies, I also have quite a few spoons and cow bells. I was wondering if the trench is my best bet in relation to where I am staying. I mapped it out and it looks like about 22 miles to the fishing grounds from the cottage. I welcome any and all help. Great Forum and so excited to try the fishery.

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