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Went out this morn with my buddy around 6:30 am. Started just west a little on a nw troll in 90 ft and took our first fish 20 min in at 110 ft. Steelie 50 down 50 back on rigger with stinger spoon. Turned around after we reached 120 and banged a laker on deep diver rod, 215 spin/fly. Didn't hit anything else in that range so headed north, at 150 ft 180 diver spin/fly goes off but this time it was a king. Didn't weigh it but figure it was in the 16-17 lb range. Took me out to 400+ ft of line and put on a hell of a fight. Turned the boat around and on the same way pt took an atlantic on stinger 65 ft down. By 1100 the rained and weather moved in and we were out. Had fun and can't wait to get back out. post-146058-13708886907643_thumb.jpgpost-146058-13708887055996_thumb.jpgpost-146058-13708887200778_thumb.jpgpost-146058-13708887334123_thumb.jpg

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Nice Report. Great to hear some positive reports.


Haven't been out the last two weekends due to finishing up chores before we hit our summer camping and fishing campaign.


Heading up to camp at Lakeside Wednesday night until Sunday.


Driving into work today it looked like a snowstorm with the cottonwood in the air. Hope that doesn't create a problem.


Thanks for the report.

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Well we got in a few hours ago and after setting up and grabbing a bite at the Black North Inn we are gazing out on the Lake and the camp fire. Lake looks great. Didn't see much boat activity. Plan is to start at about 80 in the AM and go from there.


Saturday looks good, but Friday looks like it may be a little rough?

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