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Okuma Cold Water Reel Recall as of 5/31/2013

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Attached please find a letter from Okuma stating..."there may be isolated issues with Cold Water reels directly related to the clutch cam...there is a potential that the clutch cam screw could back out, preventing the reel from disengaging back to free-spool".


Okuma says the fix is simple - requiring the addition of a washer under the clutch cam screw and the application of Lock-Tite.   Okuma will provide the washer, replacement screw and simple step-by-step instructions.  


For more information, see the attached letter.


As always, if we can help, give us a call.


~ Captain's Cove Resort, Inc.



[email protected]


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thanks capts cove.


just got off the phone with OKUMA  and they r sending me 10 new coldwaters as there is a few recalls on them. 1 is the washer second is the line counters and 3rd they had to make new housings for the reels to fit better for the gears. they were great to  work with and r sending reels to me first with a self addressed label so i have no costs to send them back. JUST LETTING U ALL KNOW



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I played with a cold water the other day and I must say I like the feel of my convectors much better. I do love the colors of the cold waters tho. They get ther $&*+ together by next spring may upgrade my setup. But for now I'll stick with the convectors.

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I think they need to get their quality control under CONTROL....Some of this stuff shouldn't be happening in the first place if they were testing properly ahead of releasing the items. My convector was messed up right out of the box.

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